Thursday , April 27 2017
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WhatsApp Gold Scam or Not Review 2016

Beware! WhatsApp Gold Invite is a scam! Is there a special version of WhatsApp that celebrities are using? A WhatsApp Gold version where you might befriend a movie star? An invite-only club with special features? If you’ve got such a message this month, it is best to ignore, because there’s no such thing as WhatsApp Gold.

WhatsApp scams are pretty common, and the latest one is called WhatsApp Gold. This one promises entry into an exclusive club with special features, like the ability to send more than 100 photos in one go, delete messages sent by mistake and more.

WhatsApp Users have been receiving this messaging asking them to upgrade to WhatsApp Gold. While there’s no such app in the Android Play or iOS App Store, the website mentioned in one of the purported messages “” also gives a Not Found, 404 error.



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