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Google is Holding a YouTube Launch Event in Pakistan

Google, a company that actively operates in Pakistan without any physical presence, is holding Pakistan’s YouTube Launch event later this month, we have checked.

According to initial details, Google will hold this YouTube launch event in Karachi on September 28th, 2016, where it is hoping to gather the digital community of the country.

A three and half year ban on YouTube in Pakistan was lifted earlier this year when Google introduced localized version of YouTube for Pakistani internet users.

We are hearing that Google is aiming to mark the official launch of YouTube in Pakistan with the event.

Google is primarily hoping to engage content creators, marketers, advertisers and brands to build YouTube community in Pakistan, where the website remained blocked at a time when Internet was picking up and Facebook — along with other video sharing websites — grabbed a good chunk of share from YouTube.
Experts say that YouTube’s ban during 2012-2015 was crucial time for internet companies operating in Pakistan and apparently YouTube missed the train and it is now going to make efforts to engage the community, especially the content creators.

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